How to vote in UK

Even if you live abroad, ensuring that you vote in the UK is still important as government policies will still affect a number of crucial factors in your life including tax, personal allowance and foreign policy. Later this year, on the 7th May, the UK goes to the polls for the 2015 General Election and if […]

Moving Abroad checklist

Our free Moving Abroad Checklist details everything you need to consider before you moving abroad. We created our moving abroad checklist primarily for people looking to leave the UK to provide a detailed overview of what you need to do before you move and also what to consider in your first few months in your […]

Renting out your home as an Expat

When moving abroad, many expats prefer to keep ownership of their primary home in order to generate an income by renting out their UK home. If you are moving abroad, or maybe you’re already a non-UK resident, and are considering renting out your home, there are a number of factors you need to take into […]

Retiring Abroad

Hundreds of thousands of British people dream about retiring abroad. Before doing so it is essential to understand all the financial aspects before you make your move. While many people dream of a life on the Riviera with no financial concerns, retiring abroad is often a very different matter. Global economic changes can have a […]

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