State Pension

The UK State Pension We are currently in the process of updating our State Pension article. For definitive information, please visit the HMRC State Pension website and HMRC Site for people [...]

Finding a lost pension

Lost pensions are not a new problem in the UK, although as expats near their retirement age, the realisation that they have not received any information about their pension recently suddenly [...]


There has been a lot spoken about annuities over the years, but many people are still unsure exactly what they are. For anybody with a pension, whether to purchase an annuity or not is a big [...]

Pension Lifetime Allowance

Options to mitigate the changes to UK Pension Lifetime Allowance The Pensions Life Time Allowance (LTA) has reduced further, from £1.8m a few years ago, to £1m since the beginning of the [...]

Pension deficits

Pension deficits: Should you be concerned and what are your options? While the BHS pension situation has hit the headlines, the number of defined benefit pension schemes that are running a [...]

QNUPS Explained

A QNUPS is a Qualified Non-UK Pension Scheme which was introduced by HMRC in February 2010 and is a regulated tax efficient pension scheme which allows investment of wealth overseas. Although a [...]

QROPS Advice for Expats

This detailed overview of QROPS is designed to provide an independent overview of QROPS and overseas pension transfers. A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes, or QROPS is an overseas [...]

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