Expat Mortgages for property in the UK

Expat mortgages are getting tougher to obtain as UK banks continue to tighten the borrowing requirements meaning that specialist assistance is often required to be able to secure an expat [...]

Expat Estate Planning

When you die you are likely to want to pass your estate on to your loved ones. When this happens, all you assets are likely to be hit with inheritance tax. Estate planning is the process of [...]

Expat Financial Planning

If you’re looking to improve the way you manage your finances, follow our simple ten step guide to creating a successful financial plan. Step one: Establish your personal goals When [...]

Education Fee Planning

As you are no doubt aware, the best schools and universities demand the highest fees to allow your child to attend and while twenty years ago a standard university education was more affordable, [...]

Choosing a Financial Adviser

When you move abroad, one of the questions that you will often ask yourself is “how do I ensure I’m managing my finances in the most tax efficient manner possible”. Just like in [...]

Expat Financial Advisers

Expat financial advice is defined as a personal recommendation on financial matters for expats which are provided by a qualified professional, which incorporates a number of personal and economic [...]

Expat Currency Management

Expats of any nationality must take currency management seriously, it can save and earn you a significant amount of money if and when managed correctly. Conversely, poor currency management can [...]

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